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Wayne, we are using Frame 11 to produce training materials.  We create the student guide in Frame and then create a list of paragraphs to capture the heading levels H1 - H3. This LOP is then pulled into a template that is formatted to look like a powerpoint presentation. The course instructors then display this to the class. Some instructors would like to have some of the graphics pulled into this LOP as well.

Any suggestions for how we could do that?

Mike - There is no way that I know of to capture the graphic like you want.
The only way you could do this in Framemaker would be to put the graphics in a separate frame in the LOP file.
You could go to the Master Page of LOP:
1. Decrease the width of the "main text frame" usually named "Flow A."
2. Then draw and put another "text frame" next to the "Flow A" frame and call the new "Text Frame,"Flow B."
3. Go back to your Body Pages and insert your graphics into the Flow B Frame.

If your pages are in portrait mode - the Flow B frame would be pretty narrow.
If your pages are in landscape mode - it might work for you.

I tried a couple of different things - but when you run Update Book and update the LOP - all of the current text is deleted.

There is nothing else, I can think of that will work.

Regards, Wayne

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