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I am a novice FrameMaker user and a lone author - and I'm stuck!

I need to include a number of large (A2, A3) schematics in my (A4) handbook. I want to add them at the end of the chapters to which they relate.

The schematics are saved as pdf files on a network. The FrameMaker 11 book is currently saved on a laptop which connects to the network; ultimately it will be moved to the network but will be in a different directory to the schematics.

I have tried to add the pdfs to the book using "Add file" but I get a message that the file is not in a recongnisable format. I have heard that you can overcome this by including the full path and filename of each file to be added but I can't get it to work.

Is there any way of adding them to the book?

Ideally I would like to be able to publish a pdf of the entire book, which would include the latest versions of the schematics from the network directory. The handbook will be distributed on CD; the recipients will use it on standalone workstations.

Just to complicate matters, I'm still in the process of setting up FrameMaker so that we can convert our handbooks from Word. They are huge, complicated, and unmanageable. This is the first handbook I've tackled in FrameMaker.

ANY help would be very gratefully received!

Thanks, in advance.

There is no way for you to add a pdf file to the book and have it integrate into your Frame Documents.
The only way is to do one of the following:
1. Create a new Frame document using the size page you need (A4) then import your schematics into that document. Then add that document to the book immediately following the applicable chapter. Then you can use the page numbering function to "Continue Numbering from Previous file), this should be fairly easy since you are putting the schematics at the end of the file and not in the middle.

2. Create the pdf file of your book. Then using Adobe Standard or Pro (Not Adobe Reader) you can open the PDF file you created from your book and "insert" the pdf files of your schematics into the correct location.

General suggestion about Framemaker.
Use Paragraph Styles.
Try and use the same Style Names for the important stuff, (i.e Styles you use to create your TOC and Index, etc. To Framemaker Title and title are 2 different style names.
Stick with Framemaker, because the nice thing about it is you can have a different date on each page without having to create section breaks, etc.
Once you start the page numbering for a document you cannot change it inside the document, (i.e. Start with 1, 2, 3, 4 then change to A, B, C, D, cannot be done have to continue with 5, 6, etc.
Paragraph auto-numbering if you use it is pretty nice, and you can customize it fairly easily.

Regards, Wayne

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