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I would like to generate a cross-reference to a character tag instead of a paragraph tag so that the resulting link shows (and links to) only the text within a paragraph that I want. I tried creating custom cross-reference markers, but the building blocks don't seem to support displaying only the marker text. I thought maybe you would know of a workaround.

The example is, I have the following line of text:

@key = NICK_NAME

in another table, I want to cross reference only the word NICK_NAME, but I can't seem to do it with the building blocks available.

Thanks so much for any advice to can give me.



Nancy - The following information is from Frame 7 and it might do what you want.
This information is in the Frame Book and also in the Help Manuals.
Just go to the menu bar - select HELP and type in the following "Spot Cross-reference" and you should see something like the following:

•Click where you want to insert the marker. For example, if you want to direct readers to a definition, click at the start of the defined word. Or, if you want to direct readers to an anchored frame, click next to the anchored frame symbol. You can put a marker anywhere within a column of text.
If you want to insert a cross-reference marker in a text inset, insert the marker in the source document (see Displaying the source of a cross-reference).

•Choose Special > Marker.
•Choose Cross-Ref from the Marker Type pop-up menu.
•Enter an identifying word or phrase for the marker in the Marker Text box. The marker text can be up to 255 characters long. (Each character in a Japanese font counts as two characters.)
For example, if you insert a marker where inertia is defined, you can enter Definition of inertia. This text appears in the Cross-Reference dialog box to help you identify the source. It doesn't appear in the cross-reference itself.

•Click New Marker. A marker symbol  appears at the insertion point when text symbols are visible.
•Insert a cross-reference as if it were a paragraph cross-reference (see Inserting paragraph cross-references) but in step 5, choose Cross-Reference Markers from the Source Type pop-up menu. Then select the marker text in the Cross-Reference Markers scroll list, choose a cross-reference format, and click Insert.

Hope this gives you what you want.
Regards, Wayne

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