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I'm on FrameMaker 9 and hopefully you can help me. I have a few questions to ask about running a FrameMaker book to PDF. First, the page numbers reset to 1 after each section. I checked each .fm document to make sure it's set to "Continue Numbering from Previous Page in Book" under the Format -> Document -> Numbering -> Page tab. I've already tried it both ways in printer preferences with the "Rely on system fonts only" box checked and unchecked. Why is it when I run the book, the page numbers reset in each section?

Second, I get the "Couldn't open file" error when running the book. I do note that when I open each individual .fm file, FM alters me that the document uses unavailable fonts and will reformat using available fonts. Is this another reason why my PDF won't run?

Thanks very much,

Christine - For your page numbering problem - try the following:
The following locations on the menu bar are for Frame 7 but should work for Frame 9.

1. With your book open - highlight a file name but do not open it.
2. Go to the Menu Bar and select - FORMAT -  DOCUMENT - NUMBERING.
3. Select the "Page" tab and then select "Continue Numbering from Previous Page in Book"

Second File Error:
1. Go to the Menu Bar and Select FILE - PREFERENCES - GENERAL and then Unselect the "Remembering Missing Fonts Name" Check box.


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