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Adobe Framemaker/PDF index bookmarks display in wrong place



When I create a PDF of a book in Frame 10, I have a problem with the bookmarks. The letters that subdivide the index display under the previous chapter heading instead of under the Index heading. It's easy to move them, would be nice if they would display where they belong without manipulation.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


Kay - you need to send me some files so I can take a look at them to see what is going on.
Please send your BOOK, the file that contains the cross-reference index and 2 or 3 files which have a cross-reference. Make sure the files you send contain the cross-references, etc, so I can experiment with them.
The files need to be a mif or Frame 7 file.
Also highlight in red, 1 or 2 of the cross-references that you have moved to the location you want them to appear.
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Basic set-up of books, master pages, generation of List of Effective pages (LEP), Indexing, auto-numbering. Various ways to import graphics, including advantages and disadvantages of importing into a text frame or importing into a "blank" page. Using a "book" to generate PDF files, with hyperlinking. Customization of function keys, currently setup for Frame 7.0 i.e. change F1 to turn "Change bar" On and Off, F2 to "Cut" a selection, F3 to copy, F4 to Paste, F6 to set line to "TOP OF PAGE" and Shift F6 to start line "anywhere" these can be easily your current config files and if you do not like them - old config files can be restored. I have no expertise in Structured Framemaker, (i.e. XML or SGML).


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