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I am using Framemaker 11 (unstructured). I upgraded for Framemaker 8. When I save a Framemaker fle to pfd I get a ? imbedded inside of the > character on each line of the table of contents in the pdf file. I have tried numerous things to correct it, but with no success. I am beginning to wonder if it is a font problem conflict between Windows (7 professional) and Framemaker.

I work for a small company and I am the online documentation writer here and I am at somewhat of a loss as to how to correct the problem.

Thank you,

Brad - I don't have Frame 11 so I can only make a few suggestions.
1. Have you "Opened" all the files in your frame book and saved them as Frame 11, I have always had to do this whenever I have upgraded versions of Framemaker.
1. With the TOC open in Framemaker  - Hold down the Ctrl and Alt key and mouse over one of the the entries and when the hand changes to a finger - left click the mouse and you should be taken to the entry. If the Chapter with that entry opens then your link is OK in Framemaker and something is wrong with the conversion process to pdf.
2. If the above works then try one of the following:
A. With Adobe selected as your printer - Select the "print to file" box and change the ".prn" to
".ps" then after the file has been created - just double click and it should convert to pdf. Then look at the toc and see if it works for you.

Those are the only suggestions I can make.

Regards, Wayne

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