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Adobe Framemaker/Resolving Invisible Unresolved Cross-references in FM 11 (unstructured)


We have an operations manual (aviation) that is maintained with FrameMaker 11. The issue is when updating the book, an alert box is displayed stating that there are unresolved cross-references.

Using Find/Replace Unresolved Cross-references does not return any results.

In this manual, we copied content for a few chapters from another FM manual and reapplied the paragraph and character tags.

Balaji - This is what I found when doing the following internet search "framemaker 11 unresolved cross-references.:

Without seeing your files - this is the best I can do for you:
If you still cannot get your cross-reference resolved - ask again.
Regards, Wayne

The information came from the following website:

Resolve cross-references
Occasionally, FrameMaker canít update a cross-reference for the following reasons:

A. The marker or source of the cross-reference has been moved to a different file, or the file itself has been moved or renamed.

B. The source has been deleted, or if the source is a paragraph or spot, the marker indicating the source has been deleted.

C. The file containing the marker is currently open by someone else on the network server.

D. The value for the source elementís ID attribute or the cross-referenceís ID Reference attribute has been changed or deleted. The ID value must be the same at both locations.  

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