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While using the copy paste feature to merge multiple tables, I've come across one table where only the first line pastes (the rest of the rows are not visible) and the "Paste Rows" options are not available. Both tables have the same number of columns and are the same width. Is it possible that there are hidden cells? or maybe conditional text that is causing this?
Thanks in advance for the help, i just can't figure it out. I'm using FrameMaker 10.

Eve -
If the table you are pasting into is near the bottom of the page and for some reason if the page is a "disconnected" page the information just "stacks-up" at the bottom and becomes invisible. You might try just adding some paragraph returns below the table and see if a "new" page is added. If the page does flow text, then try the following:

When you select the rows you want to copy make sure you select "all" of each row.
Then when you go to paste the rows, make sure you select all of only one row in the table you want to paste into.
If everything is correct then you should get a pop-up message that says do you want to paste "ABOVE," "BELOW," or "REPLACE" the row.

If you select REPLACE then only one row will be replaced.

If the above doesn't solve your problem - then try the following:
Test 1.
Open a new Frame Document and create the 2 standard Frame Tables 5 columns, and 8 rows.
Make any entries into the first column only of both tables, (I would use something like A,B,C,D or 1,2,3,4,5, etc)
Then copy the second table and paste into the first table. If this works there must be something different between the two tables you are having a problem with or your Frame document might be corrupted.

Test 2.
Copy the 2 tables and paste them into a new Frame Document - use the "SAVE AS" function to same them as a RTF file. Then open a new Frame document and import the RTR document it, and try and merge the tables.

If none of the above works, you can email me the file with the two tables to: and I will take a look at it and try and determine the problem.


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