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Adobe Framemaker/Framemaker Version for a Given Document


Without opening a given document, how do you determine the version of Framemaker that document was created in? Is there an attribute that will show in windows explore that I can select that will show the version?

Gary - I do not know of anything that will show in the attribute file.
What you can try is the following:
The following is for Windows 7.
Right click and Select Open With.
On the next screen Select Default Program.
Then on the next screen UNSELECT "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file"
The Select Other Programs and Select Notepad.
When the file opens look at the Upper Left Corner of the Screen and it should give you the Version of Frame that created the file.

Then from this time forward when you right click on the file you should have an option to select Notepad, just below the Framemaker name.

Hope this might solve some of your problems

Regards, Wayne

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Basic set-up of books, master pages, generation of List of Effective pages (LEP), Indexing, auto-numbering. Various ways to import graphics, including advantages and disadvantages of importing into a text frame or importing into a "blank" page. Using a "book" to generate PDF files, with hyperlinking. Customization of function keys, currently setup for Frame 7.0 i.e. change F1 to turn "Change bar" On and Off, F2 to "Cut" a selection, F3 to copy, F4 to Paste, F6 to set line to "TOP OF PAGE" and Shift F6 to start line "anywhere" these can be easily your current config files and if you do not like them - old config files can be restored. I have no expertise in Structured Framemaker, (i.e. XML or SGML).


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