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For some reason when I UNION objects with the pathfinder and add a stroke it screws up the original image, as if some of the points start shifting.

I will increase the point size and it just shifts more and more.  Its only when I union a group of objects then turn them into a compound path....

Please help!! Its driving me crazy! Ive been designing for over 12 years now and never had this problem.  I also, restarted my whole computer....
Thanks much!


ANSWER: Hi Andrea,

This is a new one to me and there are no known issues regarding this function.

The points can't shift from running union from the Pathfinder panel, even if you keep it as a compound path. The stroke weight will increase the size of the object but not move the paths. But I'm sure you know all this already.

My best advice is to reset your AI preferences, restarting your computer wont do anything.

Hold Shift+Ctrl+Alt (win) or Shift+Cmd+Opt (Mac) as soon as you start up the app, before the startup screen shows up. It will reset your prefs and hopefully take care of this issue.

Another option you can try is to use the newer Shape Builder tool. Select your objects then switch to this tool. Click and drag across whatever you wish to merge/union and it will give you the same result as the Pathfinder panel, but may avoid any issues you are running into.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


So, I was working on another job and it happened again.  Here is the link to the video I took of it:  Im not sure if I need to reinstall Illustrator.  I had initially downloaded it from Adobe as a trial, then bought a disk and used that serial number to activate it...maybe I need to reinstall straight from the disk?? This is so bizarre!! Hope you can help.  Thanks so much! :)



I have just heard from the team at Adobe and we have an idea what is going on.

First, open your transform panel and turn on the options using the pull down menu. Uncheck Align to Pixel Grid. Somehow that may have been activated when you created the new document.

That might fix tis issue!



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