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Adobe Illustrator/vector to raster image problem


frequently i make rapeat pattern designs about 18"x42" after making color sepration..when i convert a file in to raster image or i export a file in tiff or bmp format as black color they showing some lines in designs..i mean white lines..but that lines is not part of design they show when i export or raster that file..plz help can i solve this issue i am also attaching file. when u will zoom it in bottom right of file u will see that lines..they lines was not show in ai file...plz help me...

Hi Shahid.
Not sure how you got this question through to me, since I no longer answer questions at all experts, but I will try to help.

I have noticed this, too, and I just considered it a bug. One workaround is to make a COPY of the document first so that you are not working on the original, select everything, choose Object "rasterize", then try your Export.

Let me know if it works?

Also, please take a look at this, it might help you?


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