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I created a logo and sent it to the client.  She stated the logo the company she is dealing with said "the logo in the Divine theme is set for Retina quality so you will be loading your logo at double the resolution and it will be sized down to 330px wide by 136px high."

The client indicated for best results it had to be sized 660px wide by 272px high. When I sent it to her like that, she said its not sharp.

It was created in Adobe Illustrator CS (older version) and I sent it in jpeg and PNG-The PNG she indicated was not sharp. I sent it as "save for web" at the 660x272. It was NOT created in this size. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi Tracy.

Was it created 100% in Illustrator using Illustrator components like lines, shapes and/or text (this is called a vector graphic) or is it (or parts of it) a raster/bitmap image like a jpeg or a png that was just placed into Illustrator?

If it was created in Illustrator and is 100% vector, and contains no raster/bitmap image components, what you did should be fine. But if it contains an image, Illustrator is only going to be able to enlarge the pixels it has to work with and stretch them, making it blurry.

In that case, unfortunately, you have few choices. You could open the image in PhotoShop and enlarge and sharpen and tweak (reduce noise, despeckle) using the better tools available there, then save for web. Or recreate the logo in Illustrator if feasible, using Illustrator's tracing tools to trace that image portion of the original logo, creating a new product that is 100% vector, then save for web.

Hope this helps a little?


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