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Adobe Illustrator/Anchor points changed from non bezier to bezier


I'm a long time Illustrator designer and have encountered an issue I haven't seen before. I have a collection of vector graphics in an .ai file - mostly pictograms. On the graphics that have square corners, I drew them with the pen tool, by clicking on each corner of the square form - without clicking and dragging to make them curved.
Now that I reopen the file, all the square corners have Bezier handles and I have to go back and option click with the pen tool to get them back to non-Bezier corners.
Have you seen this issue and do you have any suggestions on fixing it? Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: Hi there. Have to admit I have not seen this, especially in a document created in the same version of the Illustrator that you are using to edit it. You didn't say, is that the case or are these old graphics? Other than using the Anchor Point tool to click them back to normal (same as what you are doing), I wouldn't know a way to easily convert them back. Effect > Convert to Shape > Rectangle would only work on simple rectangles. I'm guessing yours are more complex.

Are you sure they've changed or are you just seeing the Live Corner Widget?  Turn that off in View > Hide Corner Widget.

Sooo many weird view options in this last version of Illustrator. I've got most of them turned off because I work faster without them.

Let me know! Amy

Added: There's also a "Convert Selected Anchor Points to Corner" button in your Anchor Point control bar...  Select all the points you want to convert and click it. I believe it is the first icon/button on the left after the word convert.

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Thanks for the reply. To answer the first question, I can't really say if the graphics in question were part of this file when we last update .ai (my initial question pertains to my copy of Illustrator at work), though I'm scheduled for another update within the next week or so (currently on Ill CC, 18.0.0 64bit)
Thanks for pointing out the 'convert anchor point' in the ribbon - never noticed it before. As I try it, it does not convert the anchor point to a non-handle anchor point, so still has handles and if I try to grab the line to move it, it will take the straight line and create a curved one.
I do have the widget turned off, so I don't think it's that.
I will make an .ai file to test when I move to the next version and see if anything gets changed there. But if that was the issue to begin with, it's big problem. I'm sure I'm not the only one with a collection of vector graphics library that gets constant use. To have this type of change screws up hundreds of pictograms.
btw, I'm also using many art boards to organize these graphics - can't imagine that has anything to do with it, but like you say, there's some weird things going on with Illustrator these days.

So when you select one of the anchor points in question with the Direct Select arrow and click that button in the control bar, it doesn't snap back?  That's odd. That means it's something else entirely.

By any chance are there effects applied to it? Check in the Appearance panel.

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