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QUESTION: I have an A4 PDF file I am trying to resize to U.S. letter (8.5 X 11)  in indesign CS6. I also need to remove the bleeds from the document. I am new to indesign and would appreciate any help! Thank you so much!

ANSWER: Hi Ashley,

Is it a multi-page pdf?

And do you want to remove the bleeds from the pdf or just the indesign document?

If you can send me a screencap of the issue that might help me to see whats happening better.

I'll try and answer what I think the problems might be in the meantime.

If you resize the indesign document to the size you want. (I'll assume its a 1 page pdf) Drag the pdf onto the indesign document or go to File > Place. Move the graphic box using the pointer tool (black arrow) and position it onto the document area. If it does not fit the space properly resize by dragging in from the sides by the white gripper boxes. You can then right click on the graphic box go to Fitting > and then Fit Content to Frame. This will force the graphic to fit the box. If it looks stretched try Fit Content Proportionally or to manually adjust and resize click on the side of the graphic box you want to stretch and drag while holding the Ctrl key (might differ on a Mac).

So have you already created the indesign document and the bleeds are on it?

If so go to File > Document Setup, then click the More Options button. The bleed and slug options should appear. Reset these to zero and the bleeds will be removed.

When you create a new document, click more options and you'll see the bleed/slug options. Reset these to zero and a new document will be created without the bleeds.

Hope that helps, if not, please don't hesitate to ask.

H Louise

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It is technically a 2 page PDF but it will be printed back to back as a bulletin.I want to remove the bleeds when printing it so i want to remove them from the Indesign version. I have the bleeds set to 0 but when I print it still shows the white space on the edges and I am not sure why?

As far as the document I have scaled it and resized it and I believe I came close but now the material looks larger and more zoomed in so it does not look as clear.I am going to start from scratch and try exactly what you said and hopefully it works...if you have any other ideas after the extra details I gave you please just let me know... Thank you sooo much for your help I have been stressing to get this done :( I really appreciate it!!

Hi Ashley,

When you go to print have you noticed if the settings on Marks and Bleed are checked?
Also check the properties of your printer incase that is causing the added bleed.

Here is a link on printing and bleeds that you might find useful.

A good page on crop marks and bleeds -

Hopefully one of the ways I talked about before worked for you, I sometimes find that after fitting the graphic to the box a bit of manual tweaking can help to make it look less stretched or get rid of some white space that the program is detecting as part of the graphic - but you don't want it.

No problem, I totally know what thats like! Just keep playing and practicing with indesign and you'll soon master it. Its a great program and I tend to go straight to it, even if its for something like a letter.

Hope that helps and good luck with the bulletin.

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