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I have a new project that is stumping me. I have a word text document that I have to layout in indesign  and fit the text to a card stock that is 2.125 in X 3.7 in approx. I fit everything on it and now I just need to make the resolution 1100x640 pixel resolution and export it as a JPEG.  When I try this in indesign or photoshop it just expands the entire spread and doesn't keep the size of the card stock any ideas would be so appreciated!!

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your question.

Just curious why export it to jpg as it will reduce the quality of the text through rasterization? Or is it because you are using it for online use?

So you have created the document to the size you want - 2.125 x 3.7 inches are you then trying to adjust the resolution in indesign/photoshop as well and its making the document size bigger?
If this is the case - For example - "If your page dimensions are 800 x 600 pixels and you export the page as a JPEG, you would have to choose 72ppi if you want the exported JPEG pixel dimensions to also be 800 x 600. In order to keep specific pixel dimensions without resampling the pixels on export to an image format, the incoming and outgoing res has to be 72ppi."

The general consensus on different sites etc as well as in my opinion - is that most indesign users feel that the best results come from exporting the indesign file to PDF, then opening that in Photoshop and cropping/saving as jpeg from there. Opening the pdf in photoshop will then let you choose to adjust the file to a specific pixel dimension and dpi. This is where photoshop is best as indesign is more for just layout purposes than image manipulation. Just remember to make sure that when you adjust the resolution in photoshop that you don't affect the canvas/document size as well.

Let me know if that has helped, if not could you provide some screenshots so I can better understand the issue.

H Louise

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