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I need to know how to set up the Print Presets in Indesign to match up with my Page setup when I need to print it with bleeds. I know how to setup the Document Presets but when I go to print the Print presets will not let me match or choose my custom page setup to the custom size print that I need. I did it once but I can't seem to find out how I did it. All other forums have been giving me other answers that is non-relevant to what I need. I also may not be asking in the correct way?? Help please?? Also, my printer can print bleeds and small sizes.Thanks

Hi Mer,

Thank you for your question.

Is the page that you are trying to print a different size or anything like that to when you got the custom preset to work last time? Were you printing to a paper printer or printing to PDF?

What document presets are you using now and trying to print out?

When you go to print and then go to the settings is the Custom drop down option greyed out?
The list of paper sizes available to InDesign comes from the PPD (PostScript printers) or from the printer driver (non-PostScript printers). If the printer and PPD you’ve chosen for PostScript printing support custom paper sizes, you’ll see a Custom option in the Paper Size menu.
If you’re using a printer that accommodates various paper sizes, such as a high-resolution imagesetter, you can specify a custom paper size when you print. InDesign makes the custom option available only if the selected PPD supports custom paper sizes.
The largest custom paper size you can specify depends on the maximum imageable area of your imagesetter. For more information, consult the documentation for your specific printer.
So if the printer can support a size of paper and Indesign cannot recognize it - then the printer driver could need updating. Check your printer manual.

Note: Custom paper size options for non-PostScript printers is not accessible from the InDesign Print dialog box. To set those printer-specific features, click Setup (Windows), Printer (Mac OS), or Page Setup (Mac OS) in the InDesign Print dialog box. Check the documentation for your non-PostScript printer driver for details.

Have you created a print preset?
Choose File > Print, adjust print settings, and click Save Preset. Type a name or use the default, and then click OK. With this method, the preset is saved in the preferences file.

Or - Choose File > Print Presets > Define, and then click New. In the dialog box that appears, type a new name or use the default, adjust print settings, and then click OK to return to the Print Presets dialog box. Then click OK again.

Hope that helps - if not let me know and we can try some other solutions.

Thanks, H Louise

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