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QUESTION: HI  when I move the cursor from one text frame to the next I'd like InDesign (I'm using CS6) to center the new text frame on my screen. As it is, if I move from text from a frame on a left-sided page to one on a right-sided one, the cursor appears on the far side of the screen. I know I could (and maybe should) be composing in the text editor, but I hate the text editor and never use it. (This goes back to PageMaker days.) I've tried to find the answer to this online and in my manuals, but I've had no luck. Thank you for any thoughts on this, even if your suggestion is to give up trying. John

ANSWER: Hi John,

Thank you for your question.

Just some questions so that I can understand the problem you're having.
When you do this - is the screen so that both pages are visible in a double page spread? Are the text boxes threaded together? How are you moving the cursor between text frames - a shortcut or using a tool?

In the meantime I will do some research and experimenting and send you a follow-up.

H Louise

Some links you might find useful-

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QUESTION: I earn my living writing a food letter. There's an electronic edition now, but originally it was printed and most subscribers still get it that way. It is eight pages long, with two columns on each page. Some pieces go from page to page and others jump to a another part of the newsletter. I have no trouble linking them and moving the cursor from one text frame to the next. My problem is that when I move to another page, the page doesn't shift so that the cursor remains more or less in the center of the screen. So, when the cursor moves to the next text frame, it might be way over on the far right side of screen, with only part of the text visible. My screen is wide enough to show both pages at their regular size, but I usually increase magnification to 200%. What I do now is hold down the OPTION key to get the little hand, and pull the file so the text cursor is directly in front of me. Does this make it clearer? I'll check out the links you sent and let you know if they help. Thank you for responding! John

Text cursor example
Text cursor example  
Hi John,

I think I see what you mean now. So if you can see the screenshot I've attached. You are typing away on the first page say and then you might end up in the text frame on the second page - but the view remains with the page to one side and not centred like page one?

There are a couple of alternatives that we can try instead of the hand tool. Forgive me if you already know any of this!

You could try the shortcut to full screen view. This will make the page that you have your text cursor clicked on - a full page centred view. The shortcut is Ctrl + 0 (zero).

Or from the pages palette - which you can see top right on my workspace you can double click onto the page that you want to work on and it will do a similar task to that above, without needing the text cursor to have clicked on that page's text frame first. Ideal if you want to jump from page to page easily.

You could then use these with any of the above - Ctrl + - or Ctrl + = and this will zoom in/out to wherever your cursor is in the text frame or to any box/object that you have clicked on/highlighted. It will make the text cursor centred in the page, not taking into account the frame it is in.

Or the way I use most is with the mouse - you will need a mouse with a scroll wheel between the left and right buttons. Hold down Ctrl + Alt and then scroll up and down with the wheel and the page will zoom in/out. This motion follows where the mouse cursor is on the screen so if it is pointed near the top of your page it will zoom in/out at that point etc. This is handy as you don't have to click on any box or text frame first. It also works by moving the view side to side by just holding Ctrl and then scrolling up and down.

Another way to get around your document would be the Navigator palette, however this function has been replaced by the power zoom in recent versions including CS6 - more information here -

Hope that has answered your question - if not, or if you require any more information, please don't hesitate to ask.

Some more links that you might find useful -

H Louise

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