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What is this font and where can I get it?  It's on this page:

  Scroll down - you'll see the big red letters that say POWER  (business and technology for the global generation industry).  What is the POWER font?



Hi Earl,

Thank you for your question.

The font is a Sans Serif, bold or black style font.

At first glance it reminded me of the font Revue, but when I compared the two - Power is more rounded.

I looked at a pdf document from the Power website and analysed the fonts they used. The logo when used in the document must have been in eps/pdf/jpg form so I couldn't see the exact font used.
However it could be - and is quite likely - that they created the logo by copying a similar style font and changing it - like the bit on the P and R that don't connect to the rest of the letter.
This can be done in indesign by choosing a font that matches as closely as posible. Creating an outline from it and then tweaking it like a graphic box with the pen tool and merge/unmerge elements etc. This ensures a unique logo, while also having a font that links to it to use in the main body of their websites or documents etc.

Some fonts on their website/documents that they could have used to adapt into their logo -
Bauhaus 93 - if you sharpen/straighten some of the edges.
Helvetica Neue Black
Franklin Gothic

Other smiliar options
Avant Garde
Futura - bold.

Some of these fonts could already be on your system if you have an Adobe package.

If not some free fonts can be found at various sites such as -

If you are wanting to use certain fonts for commercial use, some can be found here -

I hope that has helped - sorry that I can't give an exact name of the font - while I could find some fonts that had a similar style to one letter of Power, couldn't find one that fit it exactly.

I'll keep looking and post a follow-up if I find any more etc.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks H Louise

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