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example of problem
example of problem  
Hi in the past few weeks I've noticed that every time  I create a text frame it comes bounded with an outside border (not a printable border, just a red line surrounding it). I'm sending you a picture of what this looks like. I suspect the tiny yellow box on the right of the text block is a hint of what's wrong, but when I touch it I'm offered the opportunity to edit the corners, but when I click it, nothing happens. I'm sure that wasn't there before, either. I've tried to find the answer to this problem, but find it very difficult to ask a search question that even remotely points me in the right direction. I'm hoping you will know a simple answer. Thanks in advance. John

Hi John,

Thank you for your question.

Is it the pale blue 'box' around the text in the red outlined text box or the black lines that can be seen that you mean?

Looks like a setting like Text wrap could have been checked? If you go to Window > Text wrap is there something other than None selected?
More information -

Or do you have multiple layers in use? If you go to the Layers panel - the selected layer has a coloured box next to it - if the layer you are using is red the text boxes will be red - this is to help differentiate between layers. Layer 1 is normally blue.
More information here -

Which version of indesign are you using? As CS5 has live corner editing such as seen here - - which could be another answer to your question?

This link explains the different anchors etc on a text box -

Hope that helps, if not please let me know what version of indesign you are using and if the above did not work etc.

H Louise  

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