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Hi I've just moved over to InDesign having worked previously on Tera. It's new for the company and there are only a couple of other users in the building - but there' a function they don't think is possible and I can't believe them! Once I have laid out a page, with three or four columns of text maybe - can I not unlink the columns to adjust their height separately maintaining their widths etc? Surely it's possible?! I can't believe (as they reckon) that I have to draw a new text box each time - which may not be the same width etc as the first... Any help much appreciated!

Hi Kate,

Thank you for your question.

What version of InDesign are you using? When you say that you are laying out a page with three or four columns - is this within one text box? I'll go ahead with the answer using Indesign CS3 as thats the version I am more familiar with.

If its one text box with columns within it - you can't seperate the columns and manipulate them like you would a text box. To adjust the height of the text within each column you would have to use the tools like the vertical alignment and align to base, align to top or use text wrap/runaround, inset spacing etc. However some of these options may/will affect the whole text box and not each column individually.

Or another way to do it is to create a text box, duplicate it by the number of times of columns you want (you can hold alt and drag and it'll duplicate the text frame) and then thread/link the text boxes. This way you can change the height of each 'column' individually to whatever you wish and can lay them on the page where ever you want as well. You can adjust the width as well in this method or keep them all exactly the same - you can check this by looking at the text frame measurements in the control panel options top left hand of indesign next to the x and y options. With the individual text boxes threaded or linked, you can still adjust the text within them altogether as if they were in one text box - like if you wanted to change the font size you can ctrl + A and it will highlight the text in all the linked text boxes and then when you change the font size it will do it to all the text. If that makes sense?

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I hope that helps, if not, or you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask.
H Louise

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