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Which paper type and grammage could be less costly and glossy for a business/lifestyle magazine?

Please also advise on recyled paper?

The example I have attached works for me. I have only attached the cover but I notice the grammage is not the same with the inside pages.

Thank you.


Thank you for your question.

The actual printing isn't my area of expertise as I'm more pre-press, but I will try to answer with the bits of knowledge I do have.

The cost would depend on the run of the publication you want to print - the type of paper, dimensions of the product and the ink etc.

I can't give you prices etc for paper and printing as don't know your area and whats available.
However the less quality in paper I would think would mean less cost - look at newspapers, the paper quality is not brilliant, but it fits its purpose - its mass produced and its meant to be read and then thrown away/recycled. Whereas a magazine usually has less of a run is glossy and is all about luxury and aspiration - or something that will be kept hold of for a while. If your business/lifestyle magazine is going to have information that people will want to keep hold of and refer back to etc a slightly glossy finish might be what you want to aim for?

Another option - like the Sky magazine can be to have a glossy cover wrap and then lower quality paper for the insides - can be slightly glossy or matt. I've seen products with glossy covers and newspaper quality paper inside.

I would recommend contacting different printers and seeing what quotes they give. If you plan on doing a regular magazine - see if you can get discount for repeat business etc.

Hope that helps,
H Louise

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks alot. Please could you be knowing of any expertise(someone) in paper type and grammege?


Sorry I don't personally know anyone that I could recommend, however if you search for local printers and print shops to you - they should have people their to advise you on costs and the best paper solution for your needs. Different printers will have different capabilities, some might only deal in newsprint while others might only do glossy etc. Its good to get a load of different quotes from different companies.

Some links you might find useful -  - has links to different magazine specifications so you can get an idea for comparison etc. (Australia)

Hope that helps, best of luck.  

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