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Type on an oval path - how can I get the type on the upper and lower  arcs to read straight up.

The bottom part of the path always reads upside down

Hi Howard,

Thank you for your question.

There are a few variations on how to achieve this so its a case of trying a few and seeing which way you prefer. Which version of indesign do you use and is it windows or Mac? There might be some slight differences to tools and processes described but you will get the general idea.

Here's a link to one way, which has some good illustrated step by step pics to help explain it.

Step 4 - instead of rotating the circle you may notice the little flag like anchor symbols or handles on the text path line - on the diagram they are slightly obscuring 'I'm' at the start of the text. Here is the start and end anchors. If you click on the line sticking out from the white square you can drag it round and position the text on the circular path. If you position each one centrally on each side of the circle you can then centre the text as you normally would with the justification buttons on the toolbar.

Step 6 - 7 - you can just copy and paste in place the circular path or use alt and the left mouse button to duplicate the circle - you can adjust the size of the circle if you wish.

The options in the Type on a path tool are key as here is the option to flip the text - so it will flip the text that you keep getting upside down so that it should now be the correct way up. Then its a case of experimenting and trying out the descender and base line options to get the text how you want it to look.

Some other methods -

Video -

Hope that helps and if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Let me know how you get on.

Kind Regards,
H Louise  

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