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Mac 10.8.5 w/Adobe suite 5.5
I h
i have a tiff logo, red ink on white background. I want to transfer it
to a card with a color background.
How can I make the tiff transparent so only the red shows on the colored card
Am I being clear? I hope so

Hi Howard,

Thank you for your question.

A TIFF file is a rastered image so I would use photoshop to create a clipping path to isolate the red logo from its background. Its more accurate and has more tools to do the job in photoshop. (If you need help on pathing etc - please see more information section below).

Then in indesign I would place the pathed image onto the correct size document that you want to print out and choose where on the paper/card you would want it to print out. When you print the document it should only print the logo onto your chosen coloured card. What colour card are you going for as the background?

Hope that helps, any further questions don't hesitate to ask.
H Louise

More information - I'm not sure how well you know photoshop etc so just skip over any areas that you already know.

If the logo is quite simple - use the magic wand and select the white background and any other areas in white that you don't want to appear with the logo. Go to Select > Inverse. This will then just select the red part of the logo or the parts that you want to see. Go to the path palette or go to Window > Paths. In the menu go to Make Work Path - this will turn the selection or black and white dashes turn into a path. You can then amend the path if you wish by using the pen tool to tidy up any areas etc. Then when you are happy with the path - go to the path palette, Save the path and then click Clipping path. Then it will ask 'Flatness: device pixels'. I usually input the smallest number it will go - so about 0.2 then click ok. You have a pathed clipped image. Choose how you want to save the file (tiff is a large file type whereas you can save it at a smaller file size as a jpg etc). Then when you place the image on the indesign file and place a coloured background behind it to test it - it should just be the logo visible.

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