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invoice art  

Using InDesign CS5.5 and Acrobat 10 on my iMac I have designed an Invoice for my client.
I would like to send her an editable file so she can enter her clients address, quantities, prices and totals in the relevant columns on her PC.
I have tried some conversion software and it does not preserve the positions of text boxes and logos.
I would be grateful if you you could help - perhaps I need to upgrade my Acrobat?

Hi Allan,

Thank you for your question.

What conversion software have you tried? So you have created an invoice in Indesign and then converted it? How were you converting the indesign file and to what file type etc?
Does Acrobat 10 have any editing capabilities like Acrobat Pro or is it a reader only program?

It sounds like you need to create a Fillable PDF form or Interactive PDF.
A detailed step by step guide with pictures etc can be found here -
This should enable you to create your invoice in Indesign and email it to your client who will be able to fill in data in the table, or check boxes etc with the layout and logos still looking good.
There are many ways to achieve the same end so I've added some links below that you may find useful or find the methods that best work for you.

Another thing to check when you save your fillable form PDF is usage rights etc as it may work great on your computer and settings but when it is opened by someone else it may not work. If you get this issue some solutions here -

Hope that helps. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. Let me know how you get on.
Thanks H Louise

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