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QUESTION: Hi, I read answer to this question that basically went "No you can't do that, but here's what you can do in this situation." My situation is different. I'm using Indesign to create a common template for slides used in video streaming of our weekly Church service.

Indesign has everything that I've wanted, generation of slides from one document, easy batch styling. Except for this: the output images are hard to sort in Wirecast because the file name gives me no indication what's in the slide. Wirecast experts have stated that the best way to create libraries of reusable slides is with transparent pngs, Indesign works like a charm. But wirecasts thumbnails are too small and so I've relied on the name of the slides to know say which is the verse of a song and which is the chorus.

Since I deal with song lyrics to hundreds of songs, and at least 20 sermon slides a week. It would be perfect if Indesign could let me name the pages and export the images with that name as the filename. Also if it would auto overwrite previously created slides, so that on the probability there is a typo I could quickly edit and reexport, without having to go back and rename the file in windows explorer.

Is there a solution that can do what I'm trying to do?
Thanks, Sam.

ANSWER: Hi Samuel,

Thank you for your question.

Just so that I can understand, as I'm not familiar with Wirecast but is the files exported from indesign, then added to wirecast to then make like a slideshow?

So you are creating a single document for each song in indesign or are they all on a page each in a multiple page document? When you say you export the files - which file types do you export to or is it straight to PNGs?

For ease of editing I would keep all your files as an indesign file in some form. Then if there is a typo its just a case of editing the file in indesign and then rexporting that song file?

Do you have adobe bridge? This is great for viewing an image of all kinds of files from indesign to PDF to EPS etc and will be bigger than a thumbnail to work out what song is on each file.

Useful links - Some various ideas on renaming files to jpgs which could be adapted to whichever file type you use? -

A page that does indesign scripts -

Batch renaming -

If these don't help, please let me know the answers to the questions and the workflow etc that you do at the moment and I'll see if there are a few solutions to try?

H Louise

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Thank you for your response, I will definitely look into the links you provided.
Wirecast slides can be several types, a proprietary wirecast text slide which can't be saved outside of wirecast and cast be unloaded or reloaded, a video, a camera shot, or a png image. PNG suits what I do.

The idea is to have one indesign file per song and per sermon. With a formatted indesign template file to facilitate adding songs and doing the sermons each week.

The aggravating thing is that within wirecast we see a small thumbnail image of each slide (with black for transparent) and the title of the slide (which is truncated.) I format slides as lower thirds and corner text and it makes the text in the image to small to read, so the title of the slide is the only thing that gives us a clue to which slide to click. I have a shorthand system (V for verse, Ch for chorus + song name), but this means that each slide is named individually without a sequence #.

I previously did this with a javascript script I wrote for photoshop, but photoshop never provided me with the full design and editing flexibility I want.

Hi Samuel,

So, for example, you have one indesign file per song and within this you have multi-pages - for each chorus and verse etc?

If this is the case, it maybe easier to export each indesign file as a multi-page PDF as it will export all the pages within the indesign file as one PDF with the one file name. Then you could use Acrobat to extract or split the PDF into its individual pages -
and -
or use an online PDF splitter website.

And then using photoshop actions to process them quickly - convert the individual PDF pages into PNG files

You could then use Adobe bridge and your shorthand naming conventions to quickly find and view the files you want to use?

Links -

I know what you mean with photoshop, its great for photos, but once you use indesign for layout and text, its hard to go back to using other programs.

Hope that makes sense and is helpful in some way, if not, the beauty of indesign and the various programs is that there are other methods and processes to try if we can't get them to do exactly what we want.

H Louise

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