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Adobe InDesign/InDesign: Resizing Document from A3 to A4


Hanna A wrote at 2008-01-30 11:03:08
On the question regarding page resizing: I recommend making your document to a PDF-file by going to print and there, instead of marking a printer, chose the Adobe PDF option. Under Setup you can scale your document to whatever size you like, remember to check mark the box "Scale to fit". It´s quick and the result is flawless! The downside of this is that since the document now is a PDF, you cannot do any changes in the PDF-document. You´ll need to do the changes in the original document.


Hanna A

DrApple wrote at 2009-02-04 20:42:43
You can select everything on the page. Group it. Then scale it by 70% to get the content approximately the right size before you change the document size.

Then un-group and continue.

You could also just keep working at the size you are on and then scale it at print time. Again - not completely accurate but close.

Natty Maid wrote at 2014-10-01 10:40:42
Hi! I had a bit of a struggle with this but here is what works for me. Instead of having 'layers' selected..... select 'pages'. You can either do this by going into 'windows/pages' or clicking the pages tab on your workspace next to 'layers' and 'links'

if you have 'pages' selected then go to 'document set up' then select A4.... it downsizes everything perfectly. Try it! If on the other hand you have the 'layers' tab selected, it downsizes the document but not its contents.

Hope this helps! :D

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