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Good day
Got the following questions
1. I designed a logo in illustrator and had to convert a part of it to PNG to get a transparency. Then I exported it to Photoshop. The original colors CMYK 100 98 14 17 are automatically changed to CMYK
100 99 23 10. What do I do in this instance to keep the colors consistent.
What are the different options for getting the color back to the original 100 98 14 17.

S. Mahabir

Hi Sunil,

I'm pretty sure that a PNG can only be RGB. So the colors are interpreted into CMYK values.

I don't know why you need to do it this way. You can have transparency in Illustrator (not sure what versions).

You might try exporting as a TIFF instead. Then duplicate the "Background" layer and then delete it and set the "copy of Background" to the transparency you want.


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