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Hello, I've been using PS for about 15 years and have never seen this come up, I'll be curious if you have! First this is a question about Photoshop 7.01 running on Windows XP, 2 gb RAM, 120gb HD. The computer runs fine with no problems. It also runs Illustrator, Painter, Corel Draw, kai's Power Tools, etc fine with no problems.
My photoshop runs fine (and always previously ran fine, same install disc, same PC) with no crashes or problems, EXCEPT

1.)the program lost the ability to make a foreground to transparent gradient (just fills the selection with the foreground color, no fade)

2.My canvas size tool when clipping smaller, say taking a 5x7 and clipping down to 4x6 actually makes the canvas larger, usually around 10x14 but not exactly---the image now surrounded by a big background color (whatever my background color may be).

3. It can no longer navigate to a layer when in move (V), while pressing control and clicking somewhere on the graphic (whatever that function is called).

Everything else works fine, including shortcuts. I'm not getting any 'not enough RAM' messages. It resizes pretty briskly even at higher resolution, say 300 dpi, so it doesn't appear to be a memory issue.

Now the funny part is that I've uninstalled the program twice and reinstalled it freshly and nothing has changed---it works great except for those three things mentioned above. I've experienced that before. The disc, incidentally, looks brand new, no scratches etc. All these things worked until they didn't.
No obvious computer damage, no device manager yellow flags, no power outages that I recall.  I don't do gaming, but the amount of RAM I have seems to be fine for everything else I do, and the machine seems to run as good as ever.

Ever heard of anything like this before? Any help would be appreciated!

HI Blue,

A couple of things can help. First you need to reset your preferences. Click the icon to start up and before the welcome screen shows up hold shift+ctrl+alt. It will ask if you want to delete your preferences. Say yes. Reinstalling does not remove preferences so you were just reinstalling the same issues.

This may take care of everything you listed, if not - (and forgive me if you already have tried or know some of this already)

For the transparent gradient, you have to make sure you are on the Gradient tool, not the fill bucket tool - they are both under the same icon set. Click and hold the tool to switch. You then have to make sure you have a transparent gradient set in the options bar above.

Second, for the canvas tool (crop tool) click the "Clear" button on the right side. It sounds like there is a resolution set that increases your document size. Normally the issue is someone changes it to 72 dpi low res and it reduces unbeknownst to the user.

The ctrl click with the Move tool does nothing. If you check the option bar at the top of your window, you have an option to "Auto Select" this has to be checked. Ctrl is just the shortcut key to use the move tool.

Hopefully this helps, if not please let me know.



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