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Good day
Got the following questions
1. I designed a logo in illustrator and had to convert a part of it to PNG to get a transparency. Then I exported it to Photoshop. The original colors CMYK 100 98 14 17 are automatically changed to CMYK
100 99 23 10. What do I do in this instance to keep the colors consistent.
What are the different options for getting the color back to the original 100 98 14 17.

S. Mahabir

Hello S. Mahabir,

The color shift occurred because you moved converted the image to a different color space or color profile. Make sure the file is CMYK at every step in the procedure. In Color Settings, make sure your color management policies for CMYK are set to "Off" or "Preserve Embedded Profile" otherwise Photoshop will convert to your working profile in which case the color numbers will change to keep the appearance the same.

In Photoshop, open your image and put a color sampler in the color you want to change. The color sampler is the eyedropper with a plus sign. You can access it by clicking and holding on the eyedropper tool in the tools palette or just shift click with the eyedropper. Open the info palette so you can see the color readings and go to Image>Adjustments>Levels and select the Magenta Channel. Change the output from 0 to 1, 2 or 3 until the values changes from 99 to 98. To get the Yellow in line adjust the Input on the Yellow channel from 255 downward. The Black is adjusted by the Output on the Black channel, lower the 255 value.

When done you can remove the color sampler from the image by hovering your eyedropper tool over it and holding down alt/option and shift until a scissors icon appears, then click.

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