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hi there,

i'm looking to create a customizable template, using which i can create unique postcards to send to clients using images i've taken of them (i'm a photographer).

so what i'd like to do is create my template with two-three shapes/layers in my .psd file that can be interchanged with different clients' photos. does that make sense?

i know i can do this the long way and create a clipping mask for each photo - but is there a way using a fill layer (or other means) that i can set up my template, and just sub-in photos with no extra steps?

thanks so much!


Hi Sandy,

I think I understand what you want to do.

The easiest way would be to put your postcard background on top of the image layer with a window in it (a whole) for the picture to show through. Then import your image to a layer below the postcard background. If you lock the postcard background layer you will be able to click the image below it to move resize etc. Make sense?

I hope this helps.


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