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First question - With Photoshop CS5 I am stumped wanting to make larger than standard images. Working on a project to make a stencil that will be 3'x3'.  What I would like is to set up my image in blocks so that I could work on an 8x11 square within the image.  Then print out the separate images and put them together for the complete image. I don't know if that is even possible.
Second question along the same lines - I want to set up an image to ultimately be 12x12" for a scrapbook background. How would I set my canvas/image size?
Keeping the background image the original size (12x12") I want to add my photos to this background keeping the photos somewhere around 4x6" If I size my photos prior to adding them to the background image, wont they automatically convert to the larger size when I drop them onto the larger 12x12 background image?  
If you can answer these questions that would be great or if you can direct me to a book or website that details these kind of questions and answers.  I've been using Photoshop for several years, I've just never pursued odd sizes.  Thanks

Hi Tamara,

Your thinking in inches like we humans tend to do ;). But Photoshop thinks in pixels, so to answer your second question first ... you need to just make sure that the "resolution" is the same on the background image as it is on the images you are placing.

So, if you go to the Image - Image Size menu and set up your background to Width: 12 Inches, Height: 12 Inches, Resolution: 200 Pixels/Inch. Then when you re-size your photos make them also 200 pixels/inch, you will have the desired result.

On your first question, I usually do this in the print dialog, so go to print out your document and look for the Position and Size settings and turn off Center Image then push the image down and to the right until you see the top left, print, then do it again for the next tile.

I hope this helps. Have fun Photoshopping.


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