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baby picture
baby picture  
i want to get a shot that i see a lot of pro photographer get.....its of the baby sitting with there chin in there hands....i have done some research and found out that they take two pictures with there hand holding up the forehead then another holding the chin...then they take the two halves without the hand in the picture and combined them....i have adobe cs5....can i achieve this shot in that program....if so how???what should i look for...please help....thank you!!!

This just looks like a job for some very careful masking. Trace the outline of her head and place it over the bottom of the other picture, and then do the same for the bottom of the other picture. Blend any rough spots. The hardest part is going to be making sure the shadows match up (your hand will cast shadows) but you could just blur the background a little. I covered most of this in my Photoshop 103 class.

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