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Hello Glen,

I would like to get into graphic design and have the opportunity to take a 2-day Adobe Photoshop course this weekend. This will be my first time working with Photoshop so I want to make sure I learn on the right platform. I just purchased a MacBook Pro (my second one) and I generally love Macs, however, I use a PC at work. I will need to use Photoshop at home and at work. Before taking the course this weekend I need to decide if I want to learn Photoshop on a Mac or a PC. I understand that I can run both OS on my Mac so I may just need to do that.

Do you have any recommendations for me? My job has also provided me with the opportunity to take InDesign and Illustrator courses to keep my Marketing degree up to date, so this weekend will ultimately open the door to a number of programs which is why I want to make sure I start learning the right way. Are there noticeable differences between the 2 OS's?

I would greatly appreciate your advice.


Hi Iliana,

I've worked with Creative Suite on both platforms and there is no difference between the two, other than keyboard shortcuts.

I would suggest putting it on whichever computer has the faster processor and bigger monitor. Any of these applications with their myriad of palettes can quickly eat up all your screen real estate.

Best of luck,

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