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Adobe Photoshop/printed picture doesn't match screen image


The enclosed picture is in proportion on the monitor screen but when it is printed everyone is elongated. I had it printed at a print shop and the same thing happened. They told me there to lock the constrain proportions. I'm not sure how or what they meant.

Boots Picture
Boots Picture  

Resize settings
Resize settings  
Hey Boots,
First things first. If a picture looks right on the monitor screen and is wrong when printed, it has something to do with printer settings.
To me the picture you attached looks already elongated.

What the print shop guy meant was, when you are resizing the picture you have to make sure the image is being resized equally in width as well as height. The attached picture looks like its resized only by height and not by width.

If its a professional print shop this is a simple thing, he should be able to help you or explain clearly, but looks like he is too busy or didn't care much :)

I have resized and reattached your picture, hope its right.

solution for future:
There are two ways to resize an image in photoshop:

Free Transform
When you are resizing an image using free transform (cnrl+t). Make sure you press shift and always resize using the corner handles. (see attachment - green circled handles only do not use the red circled handles)

Image size
The other way to resize an image is using image size, you alter the size by inputing values in percentage, cm, inches, pixels etc. When doing so, make sure the "constrain proportions" is checked. This will ensure that when u change width the height is resized proportionally and accordingly. (see attachment)

In case your image looks fine on the monitor and is only screweup on printing, then make sure in your printer settings "constrain proportions" is checked (check attachment, marked as "c"- however every printer settings dont look same, but look for something like scale/resize etc.)

Hope this helps.
Do let me know if u find difficulty.

- Kamal Krishna

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