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QUESTION: Good day
With reference to Pantone Colors, how do I find out the relevant conversion to CMYK in photoshop and illustrator?
How does one check the resolution of an image and how does one change it, in Photoshop / Illustrator?

ANSWER: Illustrator is a vector program. You will not be able to adjust resolution since it has no limit. Adjust resolution in Photoshop through the Image menu.

Pantone color conversion depends on the type of Pantone. Is it spot color or process. If it is process, then you have a CMYK version. So try to find a Process equivalent or just convert your spot Pantone to CMYK using a color profile appropriate to the printer or clients' needs.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the answer.
I am not too sure if it is spot or process. What is the difference and how do I know.
All of the colors end with C (coated).

The pantone colors are grouped by type. Open the Swatches Palette. Then click on the small triangle at the top right corner of the palette. Choose your swatches there. You can fill with one of those colors. You should work with whoever is printing the job. They should give you specifications for colors and the file format.

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