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QUESTION: I loaded CS4 on a new computer with Windows 8.  Everything seemed to be working fine.  Then I did some heavy corrections on some antique photos.  The files became quite large.  A day or so later, I attempted to open these files of the corrected images, and I got the message, "Unknown file format."  I could open the original, uncorrected version, but the corrected images were not available.  Since that time I ended up returning the computer with Windows 8, and I returned to my older computer with Vista.  I am still unable to open the modified files.  Is there any recovery program or any way that I can recapture these corrections so that I do not have to spend more hours redoing this work?  Thank you in advance.  I hope that my description of the problem is clear to you.  Sincerely, Jake

ANSWER: Hi Jake,
I need a bit more of information.
The files you are unable to open are they in PSD format or saved as another extension?
The file size of these files?
Th error is it precisely "Unknown file format" or does it say 'Invalid JPEG Marker' or 'Not a Valid Photoshop Document'
Are you trying to open the files from the Photoshop program (file>open) or from the windows explorer.

- Kamal Krishna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have tried to open it both ways.

This is the error message:
Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document.

Photo 0008
This info is under Photo Properties
Type of file: TIFSIZE File (tifsize)
Opens with:  Windows Shell Commor
Size:  13.4 MB
Photo 00010
Type of file: TIFSIZE File (tifsize)
Opens with:  Windows Shell Commor
Size:  189 MB
Photo 00012
Type of file: TIFSIZE File (tifsize)
Opens with:  Adobe Photoshop CS4   I changed this. It still will not open.
Size:  17.3 MB

Hi Jake,
Could you test the files by working on another computer if possible.

Adobe blames the hardware; and PC manufactures blame it on Adobe's preference files.
Unfortunately lot of people are waiting for a solution for this problem.

- Kamal Krishna

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