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Hi, I have photoshop version CS6 and ever since I've got it I've been having one issue. I use the program primarily to edit my digital photographs for things like brightness, contrast, colour curves etc. Just basic adjustments. My issue is that once I've edited my photos and made them look how I want and then save them, my saved image looks completely different to how it does in photoshop. I've tried saving under many different file formats which has not changed a thing. The main issue is that once my image is saved the contrast is significantly raised.
I've uploaded 2 images to my flickr stream to outline the issue.
I've attached 2 photos in the links to outline this. The first image shows how my photo looks to me in photoshop (i've managed to save it by taking a printscreen and saving the image in microsoft paint, which renders the colours correctly when saving.)
The 2nd image shows the colour changes once the image is saved in photoshop



please give me some tips on how to fix this problem. It has been incredibly annoying. thanks

Hi Rose,

My first question for you is, when you reopen your file in PS is the color still correct or has the image changed? Have you tried saving as a PSD file and does the color shift then as well?

My second question is where are you opening/using the files after you save them out of PS?

Try this: In Photoshop go under Edit>Color settings and choosing North America General Purpose 2. This will maintain consistent color when opening and saving images. Then save your image as a JPG image with "Standard" for the Format Option and 12 (Maximum) for the quality. Then reopen in Photoshop and see if the color is correct.

My first thought is your color in PS is fine, but opening the file in other applications that are not color managed are changing the color space outside of Photoshop. I downloaded the image to review the metadata but there wasn't any. The only thing I could see is your file is saved using a progressive scan JPG and you are in RGB color mode (not Adobe RGB or sRGB). This could be the culprit if you are opening in another app like MS Paint.

MS Paint is NOT a professional image editing software package and can change the active color space you were using in Photoshop, causing it to change the saturation of an image.



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