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Cape Cod
Cape Cod  
Take a look at the attached image. If you look at the image you notice that the light green fades to dark green which represents the edge of the coast. Do you know how to duplicate that effect? I am trying to make a layer look like it has depth like that.  Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Hi Mike,

Duplicating that effect is not going to be easy, and it would take many hours of trial and error to duplicate it exactly, I'm sure I could get it eventually.

But to get something that has the same feel of islands in the sea is not so hard using Layer Styles.

Try adding these styles to your layer (in the Layers panel the Fx button at the bottom).
1. Add Inner Glow and set the blending mode to Multiply, pick your dark green color. Mess with the sliders until you like it.
2. Add Outer Glow blending mode set to Screen, for the water around your land mass. Tweak the sliders.
3. Add Bevel and Emboss, I added the Texture - Grey Granite try it and see if you like it. Push the sliders around and play with all the settings everything in there does something so tweak until you like what you see.

I did a test using these Layer Styles and got a pretty good result, although it's not exactly like the example you sent.

I hope this helps.


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