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Greetings Dan,

i have both CS4 and CS6 on my dock.  I put an image into Photoshop (either one) - size it and then click image, adjustments, and brightness - contrast.    And they are inert.  Nothing happens when I move the slider left or right .     This is relatively new.  For many many months until a few days ago the adjustments worked perfectly.   So I must have inadvertently clicked a filter or something somewhere along the line.

I can not work without the contrast facility working.  How can I restore it?

I am a painter and a sculptor and need to work with images constantly.   My studio is a few blocks from Adobe HQ in San Jose - yet I sit here frustrated - unable to fully work with Photoshop.   The good vibrations from Adobe are not reaching this far.

Can you give me any help to get the contrast-brightness option going again?

Many thanks

Hi Harry,

It's possible you are in Quick Mask (at the bottom of the Tool Bar) it's easy to enter Quick Mask by accidentally hitting the "Q" key on the keyboard.

Or you may be working on a layer that you can't see, because it's under the layer you are looking at or it has nothing on the layer to see.

Or you could have something selected and the "marching ants" are hidden (Ctrl+H or View-Extras) or the selection is too small to see or off the screen.

Or you could be working on a Channel, check your Channels palette to see if you are.

Or in CS6 the new Brightness/Contrast is different and a lot more subtle, there is a Use Legacy checkbox at the bottom of the dialog box that gives you the old contrast tool. But that doesn't sound like that is what you're experiencing.

If none of these things are the cause let me know, I'll try to help figure it out.


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