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Dear Eric,

I have images of jewellery pieces shot onto black backgrounds (these cannot be cut out of their backgrounds dues to the style of photography) and these need to be placed on a page which will eventually go in a book (page backgrounds are PSDs with a black background set to 40/30/30/100.) I need, when placing the photographed image on the page, for the black background of the jewellery images to match exactly the CMYK value of the black page background. So that all pages are this consistent value of black, and there is no line, or differing black where the image has been placed on its background.
Many thanks in advance for your expertise, Jemma.

Jemma, I suggest you make sure the page in your page layout program has the same CMYK numbers as the photo. You should also make sure the color profiles are the same.

Not being able to see the jewelry, I can only suggest that you neutralize the background color of photos to eliminate color casts. You can quickly mask around the jewelry if it has color. If they are only silver or clear gems then you can neutralize the entire image. You can neutralize with the B&W filter in Photoshop or use Gradient Masks.

Run a test on a few pages for best results.

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