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I need to know the easiest and fastest way to make a seamleas repeatable tile
For fabric printing. I need to be able to take the tile and make it match the same tile
No matter where it is placed (top, bottom, left or right)
I am including a sample image of what kind of images I would be working with.

Hi Brian,

You will not be able to use the image you sent me because it needs to have the entire flower or all the flowers all the way to the edges of the flowers. No cropping.

Once you have an un-cropped image with white space around the image, click [Filter]-[Other>]-[Offset...], make sure you have "Wrap Around" turned on. Then slide the sliders until all the elements are coming in from the top and bottom. Then apply the filter.

This is all you need to do, but it may leave a blank space in the center of your pattern, you can put something in the center of the pattern as long as it doesn't touch the edge.


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