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I am starting a online business selling children's jewelry. The company supplying me has a online catalog on their website that they have granted me permission to copy and paste the images from.
When I copy from it, open a new document, and then paste and/or just copy, the image looks pretty much fine. But when I added it to my website it comes out grainy and fuzzy, also blurry on some. This doesn't happen with all the pics that I take from the catalog. Just some. Can you help me? Or guide me to a tutorial? I have tried using the adjustment auto color auto levels and changing the bit number too. Making it smaller before adding it to my site but they still look funny. Is it because it is coming from the catalog? Thanks in advance. And sorry if I did not provide anything I should have. Its my first time asking here. Thanks so much your wonderful people.

How are you copying and pasting? You really shouldn't need Photoshop for this since you're not EDITING those images, just copying them. A simple screen capture should do just fine. I recommend HYPERSNAP. It's a free utility you can use for screen grabs and it works great.  

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