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Hello Sir,
i have a image and i want to convert it in .jpg/.jpeg format, 140*60 pixel and size limit 10-20 kb also. I tried many times online and offline also but i failed, i can't get all three desired properties as per requirement and mention above.
So i want help from you. Hope you understand my problem and will solve shortly.
Thank You.
- Vishank Goel :-)

Hi Vishank,

It is easy to do this in Adobe Photoshop. First resize the image ... [Image]-[Image Size] in there you can change the image dimensions to pixels, and if you want you can "unlink" the height and width then type in the dimensions 140 * 60. This will distort the image so you may want to keep the dimensions linked and typ in one of the dimensions width or height then go to [image]-[canvas size] and resize the other dimension.

Then you can go to [File]-[Save for Web] in there you can set the compression to different strengths until the file size is what you want.


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