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Thanks for our discussion today.

I don't have a printer or scanner. Many people now say that
Canon provides an excellent scanner for mac, for less than
100 dollars ! What is your attitude towards scanners ?

I mostly want to scan pages from sketch books, 12 in x 9 inches.
Mostly for b + w drawings. I imagine that scanners that handle larger sized  items would be very costly.
However, I don't know how to ponder printers.
8 years ago I had an EPSON 300 ink jet. The prints, in
color, were breathtaking. I was stunned by them/ but
maintenance was nerve racking, and ink containers
emptied too quickly and cost too much !
When the printer died, I withdrew from printers.

Now, printers are called laser printer ! Most of them are for small photos. Do you think a laser print can be as visually
qualitative as the inkjet prints ? Also, why have laser printers
replaced the inkjet ?

These primary questions are important to me.
The guys ion the stores just want to sell, so I am not
entirely trusting of their explanations.

I appreciate any comments you can provide towards scanners
for mac, and also, any generalizations you have towards
printers for desktop computers.
I use a mac mini, intel chip, running the current

I won't pounce on you anymore today !
However, you may find me pestering you again.
I actually didn't intend to request ' private question ' !

James Brunswick
Toronto Canada

James, I recommend Epson for scanners and inkjet printers. Yes, those salesmen are notorious for being uneducated about the product and customer.

For photos and artwork, inkjet is best. I am not of the opinion that laser has replaced them. I highly recommend that you peruse some of my no-charge workshop videos on youtube to learn more of the basics regarding scanners

Also, here's a link with my scanner basics workshops:

Many are similar. Nothing too heavy.

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