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Adobe Photoshop/Drag and Move original size images to another image to have same original size.


Hello Dan,

1. I am getting frustrated and aggravated about this and hope that you can help me with this. Okay, I hope that you understand what I am asking for your help on. I have a document image that is 196 width and 170 height in pixels and I drag or move this image to a document that is 2000 width and 2000 height in pixels too. This is am example, but I actually did this. (Probably asking why 2000 x 2000?) Why not? Well, when I drag, move the 196 x 170 image in the 2000 x 2000 document. The 196 x 170 image is way too small. I did this by dragging or moving an image what ever size to another document and I had no problem. I did this a couple of years ago and do not remember what I did. All I can remember is that is, all I did was drag or move the image to another image and that was that. I do remember that is all I did. And that is all you have to do. I did it a quite of few times and successfully. What can be the problem here? I think I have ran into this problem before. But, if I did something, I do not know and remember what I did. Except the thing that I have said the I did below and the from very bottom *

2. Here is another one. I take an image that is 3264 width 2447 height in pixels and drag or move to a document that is 3000 width and 3000 height in pixels. I did the same thing. This time, this image get big a bit then the 3264 x 2447 original image. I have compared and saw the different in sizes. I have done this by placing the 3264 x 2447 image in the 2000 x 2000 document just like the 196 x 170 image and the 3264 x 2447 image is too big for the 2000 x 2000 image. Well, I know what that problem is. But placing a 3264 x 2447 into a 3000 x 3000 image and it is a bit too big. What can be the problem? I am sure you understand what I am asking. * But, what I did do was that I thought I had to drag and move these images to another size of these images. And to see if that would work. Maybe the original sizes of these images were. I do not know out dated or something so, I would have to get a new document(s) on these images. But, that did not work. Only to have dragged and moved the 3264 x 2447 document in another same size 3264 x 2447 document and the sizes are the same.

Getting back to why I would drag or move a 196 x 170 image to a 2000 x 2000 document? Say, and I want to do this, by having a image 196 x 170 and take an image 3264 x 2447 drag or move them (not at the same time) to a document that is 3000 x 3000. Because like I said, I have done this before and do not know what I did. But, I did it. And how would you be able to drag and move images no matter what sizes they are to get an image of something you created or want to create?

So Dan, what can be the problem from both 1 and 2? Like, I am saying again I have done this before, and successfully but, can you refresh my memory or maybe you have a method that I did not do, but will work. Again, I am sure you understand what I am asking.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Martin C. Meyer

Hi Martin,

I am sorry to tell you that pixels are pixels. Photoshop will not add or take away pixels when you drag or copy and paste them. It has never done this. In the past you may have been working with similar sized images and did not notice the size difference.

Once the layer is in the new document you can resize the layer with ctrl+T. but making the layer bigger will also make it blurry, this is because pixels are pixels, they don't change size so when you make a layer or an image larger Photoshop has to guess what new pixels to add between the pixels. If you have an image of someones eye and it is 100 pixels across you will not be able to make out an individual eyelash, neither can Photoshop. So if you make the eye 1000 pixels the eyelashes are still a blur. Making a layer or an image smaller is never a problem, because you are just taking pixels out.

I hope this helps, and I'm sorry for being the bearer of bad news.


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