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Photo with background
Photo with background  
QUESTION: When I open a jpg (or other image) there is a large gray border around it that I cannot crop out or remove any way I have tried. I want the image itself to be the only thing open on the screen without the large background around it.

ANSWER: Hi Steve,
The image you attached is that a screenshot/printscreen of what you see?
Or does that grey stay when you save it as an image?

If its the first case then its just the grey interface of photoshop and that is not existing on the image. Try pressing the key F on your keyboard couple of time and see if that grey is changing to black and grey again. In that case its definitely the interface.

Let me know how you go.

Kamal Krishna

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QUESTION: The image I sent you was a screenshot of a saved jpg image I opened. It opens with the large gray background around it (as all of my other jpgs do).  Hitting the "F" key several times has no effect on the image. When I save an image as a jpg file, the gray border automatically shows up as part of the saved image.

Hi Steve,

Check your editor preferences: Edit -> Preferences -> General
Make sure Allow Floating Documents in Full Edit Mode is checked

In the editor, go to Windows -> Images and select Float in Window

That should get rid of the grey border,

If you watch the cursor, when you hold the space bar down, the cursor should change to a hand. If the image is larger than the screen, using the space bar enables you to move the image around to see the parts outside of the window - works with many tools. This is useful when zoomed in for editing and you want to move slightly.

Hope that all makes sense.

Thanks n Regards

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