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My wife had a child with another man 11 years ago. He never saw the child and has moved far away. I have taken care of the child since day 1 along with my wife. She is healthy and happy. What is the procedure for me to officially adopt her. We live in Md.

You would need to consult an attorney in your state as all states have slightly different laws as far as termination of parental rights (of her biological father).   Because her Bio dad has been out of her life, as long as he hasn't financially supported her or visited her, that will help your case greatly.   The attorney will typically notify the Bio dad that his rights are being petitioned to be terminated and he can then either hire attorneys to fight or just let it go.   

Good luck to you and thank you for raising this child as your own.  Blood doesn't matter...a father is the one who is there day in and day out.

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I am a mom to five children, three of whom came home through adoption. I can answer questions regarding attachment issues, adoption disruption, and older child adoption, birth mother relationships, open and closed adoptions. As far as Attachement Issues, I am known as "RAD Mommy" for our local adoptive families group and have tons of experience with RAD and other adoptive parenting concerns. I have also attended workshops, etc.


Personal experience with adoption, attachment disorders such as RAD and ODD, also experience with issues such as autism, undisclosed special needs, adoption disruption and dissolution. We also have adopted both domestically and internationally and plan on adopting one more time.

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