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We live in Missouri, my sister has custody of her 13 yr old daughter and is not willing to give me custody of her. My sweet niece is verbally and mentally abused by her mother on a daily basis. Her mom has been in and out of prison her whole life, i believe she abuses prescription meds, the live in a camper at my dads house and she has no intentions on getting a job. My niece has already changed schools 3 times just this school year. Today my niece called me in tears saying horrible things about taking her life or running away. She is not a drama queen seeking attention. My heart is broke and im sick to my stomach in worry. There is only so much one young kid can handle. I will do whatever it takes to save her from this pain. This isnt a typica adoption so i hope you can still lead me in the right direction. What is my first step to take. Im willing to take my sister to court if need be. Any ifo will help. Thank you. By the way i am a stay at home mom of two young boys, my husband has a full time job, we pay our bills, we have a large home with an extra room and we have never been in legal trouble

Hello Kayla,

First I need to apologize for my delayed response.  

If your sister will not voluntarily give you custody of her child, she does not have to.  That is her right.  Your only recourse is to contact Child Protective Services and make a report against your sister.  Be sure to advise them of the ways you feel your niece is being mistreated and share that you and your husband are willing to care for her.  

This is a very tough thing to do within a family.  Be prepared for negative responses, but if you truly feel that she is being mistreated, then a report should be made.  

All the best to you and your family,
Chandricka Mose  

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