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My sisters friend has an appointment for an abortion next week. I want another child but my last two pregnancies were very bad. I almost lost my second! If this woman agrees on adoption, what is the process in a situation like this? Would she just sign her rights over to us?

Hi Kayla-
Each state has their own adoption laws and if you decide to go ahead with adopting this child.  Your best bet is to find a lawyer in your state that does adoption work so they can guide you through the process.  Your State Bar Association should help with identifying lawyers.
You also need to know that until the baby is born, the birthparents can't give legal consent.  If the father is known, it is a good idea to get him to consent to the adoption.  If he does this, he won't be responsible for the child's financial support and it will reduce the time spent in court.
Another thing needed is a report on you and your family called an Adoption Home Study. The study goes to the judge who rules on the adoption. Usually you need to hire a social worker to do one.
Your total costs for everything will probably be several thousand dollars.  You can also hire an adoption agency to help you, but this will also increase your expenses.
I hope things work out.

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