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I wanted to know why no one adopted me? when i was little my mother became so ill she couldn't care for me anymore. my father went away from our family. i lived off 300 dollars a month with my mother and i paying rent and all in subsidized housing. i started working at 8 babysitting neighbourhood kids with my grandparents and with my neighbours. i even worked a bit at 4 with my grandfather cleaning for neighbours and our apartment building. no one ever did anything to help. no teachers, psychologists, counselors ever did anything to help us. no one wanted me. they just left me all on my own. i saw that sometimes when parents cant take care of their children they are placed in adoption but no one placed me in adoption :( i ended up in prostitution eventually, but i got out of it. why did people do this to me? why was i abadoned like this? i had some wealthy relatives, but they never cared for me at all. my whole life i've been screamed at and even beaten, and no one ever wanted me. no one. i'd go to school in rags and i'd eat potatoes everyday with nothing else and i'd cry from hunger, and no one ever helped.

Dear Ana-
It is very difficult to give you an accurate answer to your question regarding not being adopted.  You should keep in mind that over the years society generally has become more reactive to neglect and abuse of children.  In the past cases often went unreported or the authorities did not feel that the neglect was serious enough to warrant your removal from the home of your family.
It does appear that you were neglected and also abused, and  not enough was done to correct the situation. Perhaps, even at this late date, it would help if you sought counseling or therapy to discuss what happened to you as a child and how it affected you later in life.
That's really the best answer that I can give at this point.

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